Going Green Can Be Great for Business

Green energy, and concerns about the sustainability of resources have become quite a global phenomenon. Scientific studies have shown that the present generations of the 21st century will have the most profound impact on the environment over the next 100 years. This has given rise to the term ‘going green’, a catch-all phrase for everything geared towards protecting health and the environment, and it’s catching on like wildfire all over the world.
Environmental degradation threatens our ecosystem and can potentially undermine economies. For vulnerable countries like St Lucia that are heavily dependent on tourism and agriculture, environmental sustainability is the key to maintaining social and economic stability. This reality has forced many local companies to sit up and take notice.
For businesses, going green means changing how they operate by investing in environmentally sustainable solutions or renewable resources. For example, by purchasing more energy-efficiency computers, fax machines and copiers, investing in energy-saving lighting or fuel-efficient vehicles, all of which can help to lower their energy bills. Another great way for a company to conserve energy is to shut off lights, equipment and machinery when not in use. This prevents idle energy consumption. Leaving electrical gadgets on can also put stresses on them and reduce the items’ life span.
Going green can also involve reducing your use of toxic materials in the production process and using recyclable products wherever possible.  Ultimately this can help to decrease the mounds of disposable garbage in the landfills and reduce the levels of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere as the waste decomposes. Such cost-saving measures can also be good for the bottom line, and even help to increase profits.
A “green” business works to create a positive impact on the environment and the community. It develops and implements business strategies that demonstrate a genuine commitment to improving the quality of life for its employees and customers, and promotes a healthy environment.
Such companies usually end up being viewed in a more positive light by consumers, and they can even attract new customers. Going green can also increase employee pride in the workplace. For this reason, some local businesses are now developing ‘green teams’ to tap into these employees’ enthusiasm for green activism.
No matter your area of business, there are numerous steps you can take to reduce the negative impact of your business on the environment.
As businesses become more au courant about green strategies and how they can improve the bottom line, going green will inevitably become the norm.

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