Outsourcing web design and development to St.Lucia

Many Companies worldwide in an effort to streamline their organizations, reduce cost burdens and maximize efficiency have opted for the outsourcing of various organizational functions. Some of these functions include sales, accounting, human resource and information technology.

Of the latter, information technology roles have traditionally been outsourced mainly due to increased connectivity and emerging technologies. Once such aspect of information technology roles which is very popularly outsourced is website design and development. 

I am sure you have done the occasional search for website design and development outsourcing and noted that India has led the charge for the past ten years. This trend has been particularly been stunted due to the following negative factors experienced when outsourcing to this territory:

  • The language barrier is great where monotonous routine communication leads to complicated miscommunications, inefficient and loss of valuable time.
  • The time zone difference is great and may retard the ability to request adhoc changes to websites developed.
  • Most Companies within this region are template grabbers and will not give your Company a bespoke/unique design to accompany your website development.
  • There are many cultural differences, which mean that what is acceptable, or appropriate in their home country may not be so in yours.

Many companies within the USA, Canada and UK who have traditional outsourced web development work to the Far East have now looked upon the Caribbean as the new India. The Caribbean has a very educated population who seek higher education in the above-mentioned territories. English is the first language to many territories within the region and the time zone differences with the main land are minimal.

One such Company leading the web development outsourcing charge is the information technology firm 123 Digital Limited. This award-winning firm is situated in the Caribbean Island of St.Lucia and is an expert in the design; theming and structuring of popular content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal and Word Press. Their designs are unique, tailored to clients’ needs and functional.

When asked why outsource website design and development to 123 Digital Limited, Rankin Morgan, Managing Director lamented, “We offer first world service at third world prices

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