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 img_ladylabtop We are extremely humbled by your presence on our web portal. It’s funny that we have just launched our very own website. We have been so busy and immersed with our clients and their projects that we have forgone ours. That is quite alright as we are extremely dedicated to our clients and their success. Luckily we found some time between client projects and a few beers to show off our work  :-)

123 Digital Limited is an information technology firm which specializes in the development of web technologies, publishing and market research. We are young, energetic and up – to –date with the latest marketing and web development trends. We have had the pleasure of working with some great people who are not scared of breaking boundaries and are interested in making history rather than repeating it, all in pursuit of work that both drives business results and leaves a dent in culture.

We are passionate about everything we do. Our directors double as producers, artists and photography enthusiasts. All this passion inspires the work we do for our clients.

We work within the Gulf States, the Caribbean, Latin America, Canada and UK. We speak English, French and Spanish. We aim to save clients money and produce quality work. We provide first world services at third world prices. If you don’t believe us ask Siri!

We are a fair and equal opportunity employer. If 123 Digital Limited seems like a place you’d like to work or a team you’d like to partner with, we’d sure like to meet you.

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