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 portfolio_Dazzle_Magazine The Dazzle Magazine is a free bi monthly publication that features young professionals and entrepreneurs. The magazine aims to inspire and empower St.Lucian and Caribbean youth. The magazine caters to a demographic that ranges between ages 18 – 50 with an isandwide reach of 36,000 subscribers and a digital reach of 57,080 St. Lucians.  The idea behind the magazine, which warranted much needed exposure, was built on an innovative premise to highlight a cross section of St.Lucian youthful entrepreneurs who carry out business in both traditional and non-traditional sectors locally and abroad.Dazzle Magazine was conceptualized, designed, published and distributed by 123 Digital Limited. Every aspect of the magazine such as graphics, sales solicitation and the web portal www.dazzlethemag.com is managed by 123 Digital Limited.

Dazzle magazine has become an influential force from the first issues due purely to its overall reach. This extensive reach as highlighted above has been earned through aggressive island wide distribution and a carefully executed web based strategy which included the integration of social media and cloud technology into Dazzle magazine’s website www.dazzlethemag.com. Continue reading

St. Lucia Holiday Tours

 Products_StLuciaHolidayTours_Web www.stluciaholidaytours.com is an online booking web portal, which facilitates the electronic bookings of airport transfers and tours.

The site and Company’s full branding complement was conceptualized designed and executed by 123 Digital Limited. The website which was designed and developed by 123 Digital Limited boast a state of the art online booking system that facilitates e- commerce transactions in real time, utilizing the payment processing platform know as PayPal.

Upon development of the Joomla web portal, www.stluciaholidaytours.com contracted 123 Digital Limited to manage the web aspect of their business which included website maintenance, payment processing collection and reporting. The Company’s online brand reputation was also sub contracted.

Being a new business that operates within the Tourism industry, online brand reputation management is important. 123 Digital Limited was key in the set up and management of the Company’s Twitter, Facebook and Trip Advisor account. A clear social media policy was developed along with daily posts and customer response management.

123 Digital Limited also ran a fifteen day Facebook and Google ad campaign for www.stluciaholidaytours.com during the month of June which is the low of the tourism season. The aforementioned campaign led to an 80% increase in Facebook likes and a 60% increase in web booking and conversions.

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